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Birmingham Villas

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Project Location: Barangay Neogan, Metro Tagaytay
Turnover Date: Preselling
Unit Sizes: -
Price Range: Php 2,400,000


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Birmingham Villas By Homeowners DC

Seek now for the stunning scenery at the highlands of Tagaytay and discover the beauty of the Birmingham Villas, a world-class residential development at an affordable price.

At less than 1 hour drive from Manila, Tagaytay is just perfect for your weekend getaway where flowers always bloom in the morning and the fine and cooler mist of sunrise is an ideal time to admire the iconic views within the picturesque Taal Lake and Taal Volcano where you could have a perfect vantage point at this exemplary Villas, its high altitude will certainly give you some advantage to relish more on the beauty of nature. The project is set amidst the sprawling backdrop of the majestic Taal, less than 5 km to the east. Specializing on the sale of residential lot and house and lot units which fortunately total only 35 elegant homes, this project is an extreme source of your needed privacy. Designed and developed by Homeowners Development Corp. (HDC), this fantasy land is true and always be as exciting as it was conceptualized.

Birmingham Villas is located in Brgy. Neogan, Metro Tagaytay, Cavite. This address is near the crossroads of Aguinaldo Highway and the Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway and Tagaytay- Calamba Road, with its neighboring establishments that include the Moon Garden Tagaytay, Olivarez College, Shim International School, Metro Tagaytay College, Ayala Malls Serin, Tagaytay Medical Center, Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Tagaytay Integrated Muslim Mosque, Inc., Days Hotel Tagaytay, Discovery Country Suites Tagaytay, Tagaytay City Market, Tagaytay City Hall, Solenad 3, Hardin ni Maria (Mary’s Garden), Nurture SPA Village, Ayala Sky Ranch & Amusement Park, Robinsons Summit Ridge, Picnic Grove Complex, People’s Park in the Sky, El Patio Golf Club & Resort, and other exciting places and various establishments that are near the immediate locality of the site. The place is truly a haven for fun and adventure where there would be no dull moments.

Birmingham Villas offers 2-storey Duplex units that has a minimum lot area of 70sqm, floor area of 58sqm, with 2-BR, 2 T&B, carport, balcony, service and laundry areas and roomy spaces for living, dining and kitchen areas. This beautiful masterpiece of engineering has its home design in classic yet with contemporary modern twist and has the finest deliverables during turn over, which include ceramic tiles for flooring on the first and second floors including bathrooms.

Ceilings and bedroom partitions are made of thick and fire-proof Hardiflex, sliding windows on powder-coated aluminum frame, beams and posts are reinforced concrete with thick steel bars while its roofing is pre-painted long span Coloroof mounted on steel trusses, and the exterior and interior walls are painted (2 coats) plain cement finished and other durable deliverables sure to last for generations. The project has an efficient 24-hour water supply having multiple water sources of potable water, underground drainage and electrical systems, wide concrete roads, and underground provision for telephone, cable TV and other facilities.

If there is any other summer capital outside Baguio City, it would be nothing else but Tagaytay – home to uncunning Taal Lake & the sleeping Taal Volcano; cradle of beautiful hills, slopes and towering pine trees. Cool breeze all day long, unending panorama of nature’s best sights, an almost sanctuary of silence and a top tourist destination all year round. This is how beautiful Metro Tagaytay is, the home of Birmingham Villas, a private estate developed for an exclusive number of residential units. This is another project of Homeowners Development Corporation (HDC), one of the country leading name is real estate development.

Birmingham Villas is a large residential compound of 35 well built houses right at the heart of Metro Tagaytay. It is located exactly at Barangay Neogan, a pretty naïve community of peace loving people. Estimated travel time from Metro Manila is 1 hour to about 1.5 hours but travel duration is often dismissed because of nice visual treat alongside your car’s window. This is one of the most private residential projects ever built by HDC. This place is a sure sanctuary of Mother Earth’s overflowing goodness. Experience the sounds and sights of Birmingham Villas. Be amazed with a cool morning mist from the night’s dew drop freely dropping right from your window pane. Be recharged daily by the soothing coolness of a serene environment and experience what it means to be living on a suburb where nature and modern architecture meets.

The least dense the community, the more you can enjoy privacy and ultimate solace. Without having close neighbors, you can enjoy the privacy of your space without bothering anybody. With only 35 modern houses built throughout the entire site, you have the chance of enjoying the full panoramic view of the entire Metro Tagaytay from your window at all angles. This is deeply a priceless experience, a true return of your money’s worth, every inch of the way. Houses here are built mostly facing the east side that means you get to enjoy the first glow of sunrise kissing your cheeks every morning when you wake up. Truly an amazing experience. Each of the unit is a townhouse model house with ample ventilation for free air exchange and with light saving mechanisms.

Birmingham can be a very nice vacation house for you and your family; it can also be a nice permanent house. Who would not love to live in an environment as laid back and as pure as in Birmingham Compound? But for whatever reason you may have for purchasing a unit here, the bottom line is the same – you’ll get the best return of every centavo of your investment. This is also perfect for people who are into real property rental business. Considering the bulk of tourists in Metro Tagaytay, you’ll see the return of your investments faster than ever expected. It is the place where tourists and locals alike are dying to spend their days be it summer or off season.

Birmingham townhouses are made up of 2 storey houses, duplex type with a floor area beginning at 58 square meter per house. Minimum cut per lot is 70 square meter. Basically, each unit is composed of 2 large bedrooms with 2 separate toilet and bathroom compartments, a very good balcony for viewing, and a carport. The laundry area and the back service area are large enough to allow easy movements. The rest of the compartments inside – the living room, the dining area and the kitchen, including the toilet and bathrooms - are spacious with elegantly luxurious interior designs. All floors have ceramic tiles flooring including the toilet and bathrooms. The inside interior is a perfect combination of a classically modern design carefully crafted to match the laid environment of the place.

All of the townhouses were built with equal quality to maintain structures sturdily during extreme weather conditions. From its column and underground support to the beams – plain cement, steel trusses and steel bars were used. For inside partitions, thick hardiflex materials which are fire-resistant were used to divide rooms. The same hardiflex materials were also used as ceilings. Sliding doors and windows composed of study and thick crystal with powder coated aluminum were also used. For the roofing materials, long coloroof made roofs were used, mounted upon pre-casted steel trusses to provide a lasting quality. The Birmingham is free of any flooding because of its high elevation and altitude. And to maintain the cleanliness of the place, underground drainage were functionally created.

Homeowners DC Birmingham Villas in Tagaytay, Philippines is a premier House & Lot project available for sale. If you're looking to rent or purchase Birmingham Villas, then check here first. We have full details of Birmingham Villas updated regularly as well as everything you need to know about the availing and booking process, broken down into stages that includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price. For price list, free site tripping, personalized service, model house, unit plans, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. We are Remax Perfect Homes. Always buy from PRC licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents only.

Birmingham Villas - Location & Vicinity

Birmingham Villas is Located at Barangay Neogan, Metro Tagaytay

Brgy. Neogan is in Tagaytay City, it is formerly called as Brgy. Maybalon because of the presence of a big deep well which is the water source of the barangay and its neighboring places. Barangay Neogan is home to many wild cat species and uncommon grasses and shrubs. First occupants of Maybalon then planted coconut trees with very short intervals until one day the entire place was covered with tall green coconut trees and the place was renamed as Neogan, indicating the place as coconut field. Up until today, Brgy. Neogan is a laid back agricultural place with very few people living in it. Crime rate in this place is very low and the community is a picture of happy and accommodating residents.

The attitude of the community is a good insurance that the immediate outside neighboring communities are friendly and peace-loving people. With the nearness of its location to Aguinaldo and Nasugbu Highways, cross intersecting with the famous Tagaytay-Calamba Road, movements in and out of the village is really very easy. This spells convenience for the residents and their families, including tourists and other visiting individuals.

 These are the list easy-accessible schools, churches and other establishments within easy reach:


Olivarez College, Shim International School and Metro Tagaytay School, Bagong Tubig Elementary School, Neogan Elementary School, Isidro Cuadra Elementary School, Academy of World Healing Foundation and others.


Our Lady of Lourdes Parish and Tagaytay Integrated Muslim Mosques, Inc. and the Dominican House of Prayer.

Shopping Centers:

Ayala Malls Serin, Tagaytay City Market, Robinson’s Summit Ridge, Star Baby Dress Supplies, Vista Mart, Mobile Terminal Enterprise and Tagaytay City Market


Tagaytay Medical Center, Lian Rural Health Clinic

Amusement and Food Complex:

Moon Garden Tagaytay, Hardin ni Maria, Nurture Spa Village, Ayala Sky Ranch and Amusement Park, Picnic Grove Complex, People’s Park in the Sky, El Patio Golf Club and Resort, Antonio’s Restaurant, Marcia Adam’s Restaurant, Hillcreek Garden, El Cocinero and Deli de San Honore, among others.

Government Offices:  

Tagaytay City Hall & Brgy. Neogan People’s Hall


Birmingham’s easy access to these mentioned establishments brings the level of comfort and convenience to residents into a higher level. The inner privacy of the compound does not isolate Birmingham community totally from the outside world because of these nearby schools, churches, medical institutions and even government offices are all within easy reach distances.

This abode similar to a paradise is up for grab, you may be one of the lucky 35 residents who can enjoy the freebies of nature without limits. Do call us now or initiate a chat so we can assist you. We have a standby team 24/7 ready to answer your questions and inquiries. We also have a great deal of packages to help you acquire any of these 35 properties at Birmingham minus the usual headache of too much paper works. Our team of licensed real estate brokers have a track record for their professionalism and good service. We will be happy to have you on the loop.

Birmingham Villas Location

Birmingham Villas - Features & Amenities

  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2 toilet & bathrooms
  • Living & dining room
  • Kitchen
  • With carport
  • Ceramic tiles for floorings & bathrooms
  • Hardiflex for room partitions and ceilings
  • Sliding windows
  • Using concrete hollow blocks with steel bars for posts and beams
  • Pre-painted long span roofing

At Birmingham Villas, 2 room houses normally have a floor area of 59 square meters while a 3 room unit may range from 60 square meters up. All are within affordable price listings, available on various financing options.

One of the great advantages of this community is its low dense population which ensures your privacy and full enjoyment of the serenity of the place. With ample distances between and among houses, occupants can freely improve their immediate surroundings without thinking of any inconvenience with neighbors which usually spark arguments and quarrels. With only 35 households within the village, every family has all the time and chance to enjoy each other’s company. If you are a permanent resident of Metro Manila, an hour drive to let your children and entire family enjoy a serene weekend would be perfect. With your unit at Birmingham Villas in Metro Tagaytay, your weekend vacation with the entire family will never be same. Truly an amazing place you can proudly own.

The entire village is secured with a 24/7 water supply because of multiple service providers. Each house is equally pre-provisioned for phone and cable service installations. What is equally nice about this community is that all electrical wirings, phone and all cables were placed underground. Concrete roads are in place with gutter style sidewalks and the space between houses are reasonably well. If you love morning exercises like brisk walking, jogging and biking, it would never be a difficult ritual to complete each passing day. And since the entire Birmingham has the resemblance of a park, spending your weekends with the children for a short hiking and mini-trekking would be a fantastic family adventure. No worries about the sun, the entire place is practically covered with trees and the cool breeze is all over, so everyone is protected.

The Village is also a gated property with full security force checking the perimeters, the entrance and exit areas, day-in and day-out. This is to make sure that all day long, 24/7, your entire stay at the Birmingham Villas are safe.

For interested parties, we are 24/7 on standby to assist everyone. Do give us a call or initiate a chat with one of our agents by hitting the chat button. After engaging you to short interview, we would be happy to host you for a site visit to Birmingham Villas. Metro Tagaytay is just an hour and a half travel from Metro Manila so it would be easy. If you wish to have your unit rented out to foreign and local tourists, our team would be ready to assist you with that. We have the same expertise in assisting other customers to rent out their properties. As a team, we are here to represent you and protect your interest as our client. We would be very happy to count you in.

Birmingham Villas - Payment Option

Why You Should Invest In  Birmingham Villas

Low density community

With only 35 units of house and lot being offered by Birmingham Villas, this will surely give every resident the utmost privacy they always wanted in a quiet and serene community making it the most exclusive villa within the area. Its bigger lot area also allow residents to make improvements on their purchase lots without much restrictions from management. All you have to do is make a written request of your intended improvements upon your home. Prior to your moving in, there are guidelines that would be issued containing the property’s restrictions on house improvements.

Lease option for passive income

Tagaytay City is considered the second Summer Capital of the Philippines (first being Baguio City in Norther Luzon) and it attracts thousands of tourists (both local and foreign) annually because of the city’s much cooler climate and impressive natural surroundings, especially the awesome view of the majestic Taal Volcano. The panoramic view of this legendary volcano and its surrounding lake (the volcano itself has a lake on its crater) attracts several enthusiasts wanting a good glance at this mysterious land form. 

Tourists sometimes stay at the city for days or weeks just to seek more adventures and enjoy the climate. Your property at the Birmingham Villas is qualified to rent out to these tourists if you decide so. Management is more than ready to assist you about this lease option. You are entitled for a monthly rent income (minus minimal management fee) and they will take care all about managing your property for lease. A good source of passive income without you losing the ownership of the property.

Public transport availability/ easy access from private vehicles

Birmingham Villas is easily accessible via private and public commute. The city is linked from Manila by various national highways and to the provinces of Laguna and Batangas. From Manila, the site is accessible through SLEX via the Pan-Philippine Highway and the Sta. Rosa- Tagaytay Road or via CAVITEX (formerly Cavite Coastal Road) through Aguinaldo Highway. From Batangas, the main route is either Ligaya Drive near downtown Talisay and ends near the Tagaytay Picnic Grove, or Talisay-Tagaytay Road, a 12km journey from Lemery-Agoncillo-Laurel-Talisay Road to Tagaytay. Coming from Laguna, the main route is the Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road from Sta. Rosa City.

Daily buses ply the route to Tagaytay from Metro Manila where several bus companies have their terminals in EDSA, Cubao, Baclaran and Pasay. There are also jeepneys that ply from Cavite (Silang, Imus and Dasmarinas) to Nasugbu, Batangas that also pass by Tagaytay via Aguinaldo Highway. There are certainly various easy ways and means to get to Tagaytay, where you and the family will surely have a great time.

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